The School has a neat and clean Medical room for First aid purposes. The School is associated with Sant Nirankari Charitable Hospital, which is run by Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation. If there is any medical issue beyond the first-aid provision available in the medical room of the school premises, the school takes the child to Sant Nirankari Charitable Hospital for immediate required Medical care/treatment .

Digital Classrooms

 Smart Classroom is a comprehensive strategy for digital education in SNPS – All Smart Classrooms are supported by EXTRAMARKS.COM that makes Education Easy, Effortless, and Activity oriented. The approach of learning is through a new Layered, Scientific & Strategic process.

Every subject, chapter or concept is supported by:

  • Mindmaps
  • Smart Learning Modules
  • Test Center
  • Live Virtual Classes and many more.


The school has a spacious and ultra modern Library with a wide range of books on all subjects. The school library is visited regularly by all students. It has an impressive collection of academic and reference books, as well as journals and periodicals. To improve students’ vocabulary and broaden their horizons, the library also has a wide selection of fiction books. It also boasts of a wonderful collection of spiritual books from the Sant Nirankari Mission as well as other organizations, covering all faiths. The library offers the students a quiet and peaceful place for study, research and recreation.

Computer Lab

We have THREE Computer Labs (1 Junior level, 2 Senior level) equipped with machines having latest configuration for providing hands on experience to students from I to XII.

  • There are over 110 computers to help students to give thorough knowledge about the subject.
  • All the computers are connected via Local Area Network.
  • Internet facility is available for the academic needs of the students.
  • Experienced Educators for students.
  • Two projectors to make teaching and learning an interesting, enjoyable and effective process.
  • Training programs are organized for teachers to make them computer friendly.

Science Labs - Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Science is a natural and fundamental base of our life. It helps students in understanding the existence of world around them. In order to achieve this aim and understanding the concepts of science, the school has well equipped laboratories Physics, Chemistry and Biology with latest facilities, apparatus and other required equipments. The classroom teaching combines with practical knowledge ensure that student grasp each and every concept thoroughly. It helps in developing skills of observing, testing, predicting, communicating and recording. These labs provide first hand learning experience to the students in the respective subjects by performing various experiments on their own.

AV Room

Our School has a well-equipped and furnished, fully Air Conditioned Audio Visual Room. The main purpose of having this multimedia experience for students is the fact that whatever is seen by our eyes is retained by the brain more effectively than just reading or listening to it.

Latest techniques such as Multimedia HD Projector, Digital cameras, Scroll Down screen, Latest Configured PC with High Quality Sound System are being employed here.

You could enjoy the High-quality videos, listen to acoustic sound, and learn language online etc. With the elegant and efficient design of audiovisual facilities, students can learn interactively.

Language & skill Development Classes, Seminars, Counselling & Training Sessions and various other Programs are held here for the development and betterment of the students as well as the teachers.

Other Labs

  • Home Science Lab
  • Maths Lab
  • Art Room
  • Music Room