The Inter School English Elocution/ Debate/ Extempore Competition (2018-19)

The Inter School English Elocution/ Debate/ Extempore Competition (2018-19)

English is known worldwide; among all languages it is eyed

Upholding English to everyone; speaking in English is great fun.

So, don’t be shy; show your greatness

Use it when showing competitiveness.


Sant Nirankari Public School, Nirankari Colony, Delhi, organized the Inter school English Elocution/ Debate/ Extempore Competition for the students of classes VI – XI from the various branches of SNPS on 27th July, 2018, making this day a memorable one.

Mrs. Raman Manhas, Administrator , SNPS Schools , Mrs.Narinder Batra, Convenor, Function Committee, Mrs. Usha Sirohi, Chairperson, SNPS, Nirankari Colony, Mr. A.S. Adarsh, Manager, SNPS, Nirankari Colony and Mrs. Ranjana Grover, Principal , SNPS, Nirankari Colony  were the special Guests of Honour on this momentous occasion. The esteemed guests were accompanied by the deemed judges namely Ms. Ritu Harmilapi, Ms. Vibha and Ms. Shilpa.

The Competition embarked on with Group 1 – Elocution, taking the torch forward, the students of Group 2 –Debate and finally, it was the turn of the participants of Group 3-Extempore. The judges gave their judgment on the basis of content, confidence and expression. This Competition gave an impetus to the students to shake off their diffidence, build up their self confidence and enhance their English speaking skills.

All the winners were endowed with certificates and trophies. The judges appreciated and applauded the students and praised the efforts of the teachers for conducting such a grand programme.